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Department of Industrial Management/ Research Group on Financial Engineering

As a strategic guideline of Tampere University of Technology (TUT), management of industrial activities is acknowledged as one of the focal areas in research and education. The department supports organizations in their business renewal and generates new knowledge in order to enhance their competitiveness and sustainability.

Research Group on Financial Engineering at the Department of Industrial Management stands at the crossroads of financial engineering, data science and computing using computational methods with an emphasis on extensive use of real data providing robust and realistic solutions. We aim to develop new approaches to relax unrealistic assumptions that often are applied for the sake of soluble theoretical models over agreement with empirical data in the existing literature.

Prof. Juho Kanniainen, the Head of the Research Group, is coordinating two EU-projects: HPCFinance and BigDataFinance.

Department of Signal Processing (SGN)

Department of Signal Processing (SGN) is part of the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering. Signal processing has been chosen as one of the strategic top fields of research specially supported by TUT. We have here among the many active researcher groups The Signal Processing Algorithm Group (SPAG) twice elected as Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence.

We offer studies combining signal processing of e.g. audio, images, video and biological signals, and hardware and software systems related with them. Different digital signals such as speech in mobile phones, sound in CD and mp3 devices, images and video in digital cameras and television as well as signals in measurement systems can be analyzed and processed with means of signal processing.

About 170 people work on SGN. Our teaching personnel consists of about 20 people from which 15 are professors. Around 50 of our personnel is working on a M.Sc. thesis and roughly 85 on a Ph.D. thesis. In addition to the researchers, we hire yearly several students as research assistants or summer employees. Our researchers have been employed mainly to the industry and research institutes.

Nearly half of our personnel, researchers and students come from countries outside of Finland. Every year dozens of international specialists of signal processing visit our Tampere International Center for Signal Processing (TICSP) and our researchers often go and visit international universities and conferences.  Our  Department has an international and relaxed atmosphere.