ESR4: Kestutis Baltakys from Tampere University of Technology


Kestutis Baltakys is based at Tampere University of Technology 2016-2019, and his research project is Complex Network Analysis in Stock Markets (WP2)

“BigDataFinance is an incredible opportunity to focus on the research”


kestutisI come from Lithuania, the geographical midpoint of Europe, to Finland to work on my PhD thesis on Complex Networks. Though I spent most of my life in Lithuania, Finland is the fifth country where I will have lived.

Before coming to Finland I spent one and a half years in Italy where I finished the first year of PhD studies in Scuola Normale Superiore. Before that I lived in Jordan, where I wrote my master thesis in Jordan University of Science and Technology, and Germany, where I went for an exchange period in Universität Bielefeld during my bachelors studies. I received both my bachelors and masters’ degrees in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics in Vilnius University, one of the oldest in Northern Europe.

I also gained a considerable amount of experience from the industry working in a couple of private asset management companies as an investment analyst and portfolio manager. During that time together with my colleagues we established the worlds’ first purely insider strategy based mutual fund with a focus on Nordic countries. At the same time I passed two CFA exams.

I enjoy travelling, yet more than travelling I like living in different countries, since in this way one can get a better grasp of what is the actual feel of a given culture. As for hobbies, since the time I visited the gulf of Aqaba I became a huge fan of snorkeling, while during my time in Italy I fell in love with mountain hiking. I also enjoy cycling and playing guitar or bass.

During my time in Italy I became interested in the Complex network research field and wanted to continue my career path in this direction. BigDataFinance is an incredible opportunity to focus on the research, receive training and develop skills necessary for a successful career in this area. As a researcher and a professional I was also very interested to work on the unique BigData datasets available at TUT.