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D1.2 “A report and software on a real-time learning method to update decentralized models and address financial
market velocity” by Sergio Garcia-Vega
D1.3 “A report and software on data sampling techniques“ by Adamantios Ntakaris
D1.4 “A report and software on a verified and validated knowledge extraction prototype with different data sources” by James Hodson

D2.2 “A report on an analysis of the behavioural differences between institutional and individual investors and ownership diversity during the recent financial crisis” by Kęstutis Baltakys
D2.3 “A report on a model to define and measure systemic risk in financial networks and its empirical analysis” by Chiara Perillo

D3.2 “A report on a new model augmented with news data sources” by Ye Zeng
D3.3 “A report on the analysis of the structure and dynamics of volatility in financial markets” by Giorgio Mirone
D3.4 “A report of statistical analyses on the order book dynamics with ultra-high frequency data” by Martin Magris
D3.5 “A report on an extended approach to characterise financial markets from an event-driven perspective” by Miha Torkar

D4.2 “A report on a tested and assessed prototype for a real-time financial market mood and confidence index” by Rytis Simanaitis
D4.3 “A report on back-tested, validated risk management and portfolio construction tools to monitor risks in smart beta investing” by Elizabeth Fons
D4.4 “A report on a tested and validated risk management tool based on scaling laws for FX markets” by Vladimir Petrov
D4.5 ” A report on a tested and validated system for risk management with real data and simulated stressed scenarios by Ioannis Anagnostou

D5.2 Kick-off meeting: Data Science in Finance
D5.3 Summer School: Introduction to econometrics and empirical modelling of financial markets
D5.4 Winter School and Workshop: Complex networks in finance
D5.5 Conference: Big Data in Finance
D5.6 Training Event: Textual data in finance

D6.5 Dissemination plan

D7.1 Project website published